Cheryl Pullins - Non-Fiction

Victorious Living for Women, co-published by Cheryl Pullins, is an anthology filled with true stories of women who have overcome many of life’s challenges. The book features stories of transformation and restoration that is sure to ignite the reader’s passion to fulfill life’s destiny. This insightful and thought provoking book will challenge readers and empower them to reach their God given potential and to live the Victorious Life!

Co-Publisher: Cheryl Pullins

Pastor Avril Wiggins - Non-Fiction

The Battered Preacher's Wife by Dr. Avril E. Wiggins is a true story of survival and triumph. Dr. Wiggins weaves a gripping tale of intrigue and inspiration as she recounts her experience of being trapped in a hopeless marriage with an abusive Pentecostal preacher. It is an unfortunate reality that wife battery is a taboo subject still in the church where most clergy encourage women to keep the family together and endure the suffering of abuse. This book breaks through the silence of domestic violence and sheds light on a serious problem faced by countless women across the nation. Yes, there is hope even for the wife of a preacher!
Author: Dr. Avril E. Wiggins

Nicole Morgan - Non-Fiction

Have you ever been at a point in your relationship where your mind and heart are wandering, and you are wondering what happened to the man/woman you married? Do you ever wonder what happened to the man/woman you were when you got married? Lack of communication/miscommunication, affairs, lack of support, intimacy/sex, forgiveness - all of these are just a few of the issues that "hamper the happy" in today's relationships. Add to that the pressures of living life in your dual role as a ministry wife (musician's wife or a pastor's wife), and you have a recipe for drama! Half Minister/Half Mistress: The Life of a Ministry Wife by Nicole Morgan is the roadmap through all of these issues and more, to aid in finding that person again-even and especially if, the person that needs to be found is you!

Author: Nicole Morgan

Robin Kegler - Non-Fiction

Chosen, Appointed, Planted by Robin Kegler is a book that answers the questions, "What is my Kingdom Assignment, and how do I get started quickly?" Readers will learn: (1) how to identify where they fit in ministry and the marketplace; (2) what to do when they know their gift stream(PAGSTM) and are Wearing The Right C.A.P.TM; and (3) how to release the Body of Christ to do the work of their ministry. This practical book includes a Personal Action Guide that helps those in the ministry double member involvement and accomplish their God-given vision for their ministries. In four simple steps, readers learn how to release the Body of Christ to the work of their ministry!

Author: Robin Kegler

Quiniece Sheppard - Non-Fiction

The Seven Deadly Sexual Sins, written by Quiniece Sheppard, is a personal story of triumph over self-esteem, loneliness, depression and identify struggles. Quiniece wrote this book out of her desire to help others overcome the battles of the flesh. For far too long, sexual immortalities such as homosexuality, fornication, adultery, masturbation, pornography, etc. have plagued our society and now it's time to put away society’s false images of sex and reveal the truth according to God's word. This book guides readers in a direction toward deliverance and draws them closer to God.

Author: Quiniece Sheppard

Rev. Dennis L. Waters - Non-Fiction

I Will Restore: A Ministry of Healing for Survivors of Childhood Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse by Rev. Dennis L. Waters, Sr. chronicles the stories of some of today’s greatest leaders. It also documents his personal story of restoration from one of life’s most tragic traumatic experiences. The book shares how he went from victim to victor and provides a road map to victory for other Black male survivors of abuse. Dr. Waters - an abuse survivor is thriving. He is committed to facilitating the rehabilitation and restoration of lives, families, countries and the world.

Author: Rev. Dennis L. Waters

Dwayne Clemmons - Non-Fiction

Exploits: Jesus Rides in an Ambulance by Dwayne Clemmons chronicles events that have happened in his career as a Firefighter/Medic. The book describes incidents that occurred on his job and how God intervened in each and every situation. It is a testimony and exhortation to everyone to allow God to use you no matter where you are.

Author: Dwayne Clemmons

Nicole C. Barber - Christian Non - Fiction

A Restored Vessel: A Guide to Overcoming Trauma by Nicole C. Barber gives excellent instruction on how to combine practical tools with a godly partnership for deliverance from the pain of emotional, physical and spiritual abuse —and Barber is a living example of a restored individual who has used these tools to great effect.

Author: Nicole C. Barber

Toni Hatton - Christian Non-Fiction

Don’t Be Afraid: He’s Preparing You! is a compilation of journal entries expressing Toni Hatton’s experiences while caring for her 10-month old son after he was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma, cancer of the eyes. By the time her son was 5 years old, he’d gone from having normal vision to walking in total darkness. For years, Toni thought this journey was about her son. Little did she know that as she began to write and edit her book, this story was really about her! Toni had two choices - walk by faith and trust God or lean to her own understanding and throw in the towel. Toni chose to walk by faith and trust God!

Author: Toni Hatton

Flecia M. Gill - Christian Fiction

Sing A New Psalm is an exciting collection of original contemporary psalms. The book is categorized into eight different sections of psalms: Psalms of Creation, Psalms of Gratitude, Psalms of Adoration, Psalms of Lamentation, Psalms of Meditation, Psalms of Hope, Psalms of Praise and Psalms of Thanksgiving. Each section includes three psalms in each category. Servant Flecia M. Gill is the founder of a mobile teaching/workshop ministry entitled, The Eternal Bride of Christ Ministry.

Author: Flecia M. Gill

Tamara Swan Mason - Christian Non-Fiction

(Ms. Mason contributed the chapter entitled, Mirror, Mirror: Look Inside)

Beyond The Body, Developing Inner Beauty is a combination of articles by 25 members of the Professional Woman Network. Ms. Mason's article, Mirror, Mirror: Look Inside looks at how most women view themselves and the work they perform. The article contains a three-month journaling process to help women break the inferiority complex and assist them in moving from a down trodden attitude about themselves to a realization of how wonderful they really are.

Author: Tamara Swan Mason

Alishia Louis - Christian Non-Fiction

Woman, Will Thou be Made Whole? is a profound account of one woman's determination to rise from the darkness of "Lodebar," to a place of total emotional and spiritual healing. This place is called wholeness. Alishia takes women scarred from the wounds of divorce on a journey through what she calls "The Healing Garden." The book challenges women to uproot the "weeds" that hinder their full breakthrough, like feelings of inferiority, shame, failure, and resentment. The book addresses every area of women's emotional deformities leading them to a place of self-worth, forgiveness, and new determination and helping them to become empowered through the power of God.

Author: Alishia Louis

Dawn Johnson - Christian Fiction

The Writings on the Wall for All Mankind to See is a compilation of inspirational passages and short stories delivering a message of hope to all readers. The book encourages non-believers to get saved and challenges believers to attain a higher level in their spiritual walk with God.

Author: Dawn Johnson


DeLois Jackson - Christian Non-Fiction

Faith: My Walking Cane to Glory is an inspirational book that seeks to foster Christian growth and godliness. Focusing on the issue of faith, it leads the readers through a consideration of allowing God's master plan to shape each day.

Author: DeLois Jackson

Ramona Jones Maddox - Christian Fiction

Seven Days in the Life of Divine is written by Harmonie Rhule - Ramona Jones Maddox. Harmonie Rhules is a pseudonym for the search of the African-American identity in a contemporary environment. Her name exemplifies the quest for love, peace and faith; all gifts from God.

Author: Harmonie Rules

Iris Cockrell - Christian Non-Fiction

Living the Best Me beyond the Crazy You, explores some of the challenges women face everyday with family, career, personal issues, and unpredictable life circumstances. Iris Cockrell reminds readers that God has a plan and purpose for their life. Through out the book, she provides practical solutions in making life changes. Come inside the pages of this book and start the journey to living the best you.

Author: Iris Cockrell

Mitzi L. Carrasquillo - Christian Non-Fiction

This book was an assignment by God to Mitzi L. Carrasquillo; she was charged to write an inspirational and motivational book on how she overcame sexual abuse, rape and depression through the Word of God. Her personal prayer is that all women living in this same Darkness will be called into God's Light.

Author: Mitzi L. Carrasquillo

Margaret D. Pagan - Christian Fiction

In 1772, freedom was little more than a dream for first generation slave Sowei, kidnapped from her Mende village and sold into slavery. For her daughter, Hannah Williams, freedom was worth the risk of stowing away in the belly of a schooner...penniless, hungry, and ready to deliver her first child, Katherine. But the struggle for freedom in the Revolutionary War era wouldn't come easily or without great price. Only after nearly two decades of servitude in New York did Ferguson (born during that clandestine voyage), earn the privilege of living free by society's standards. Katherine's real freedom, though, took place years before she received papers. Her freedom came in a one-on-one meeting with a Scottish Presbyterian pastor, when Jesus Christ set her free. This is the fictionalized account of Katherine's faith, courage, vision and dedication, told by African American history scholar Margaret Pagan.

Author: Margaret D. Pagan

Sherryle Jackson - Christian Fiction

Soon and Very Soon is a book about Willie Green, the strait-laced Pastor of the traditional Harvest Baptist Church who marries Vanessa Morton, the dynamo preacher-pastor of the contemporary Mt. Pleasant. The nuptials are followed by a decision to join their churches. All hell breaks loose as a group of dissenters emerge led by the staunch Deacon Charley Thompson who goes to extreme lengths to keep their religious routine going. If you are a part of a church you’ll identify with these characters. Soon and Very Soon reveals some truths about traditional and contemporary Baptist churches, the motives behind what people pray for, and the way people fall in love!

Author: Sherryle Jackson

Dr. Bertha M. Greene - Christian Non-Fiction

In From the Cradle to the Pulpit, Dr. Bertha M. Greene intimately shares her personal story on how God took her from harvesting cotton as a little girl in the scorching hot fields of North Carolina to harvesting souls for His glory in pulpits across the country.

Author: Pastor Bertha M. Greene

Cecelia Dowdy - Christian Fiction

It's amazing how quickly life can change. Overnight, Monica Crawford finds her neatly organized world turned upside down. Her sister abandons her blind son, Scotty, leaving him on Monica's doorstep. Caring for a handicapped child brings unexpected conflict-but unexpected joy as well. When John French volunteers to tutor Scotty, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Monica. But John and Monica are very different. She is a strong believer, determined to live her life for Christ. John is an agnostic who wants nothing to do with God.Will John see the light? Will Monica realize that sometimes letting go of a dream is the way to achieve it? Only in full surrender will either of them be happy- whether they end up together or alone.

Author: Cecelia Dowdy

Dr. Steve Haymon - Christian Non-Fiction

This book talks about how stress affects us and the people we are close to. It indicates how intense and encompassing it can be, which can precipitate in us the usage of distractions such as: gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, blaming, fear, relationships, and even religion; to name a few. It explains how stress can cause physical, mental and spiritual deterioration in us. Through understanding stress and how it relates to our relationship with God, we can obtain answers to how to live the healthy life He wants us to live.
Author: Steven Haymon, EDD

Kimmoly Rice Ogletree - Christian Teen Fiction

Fourteen-year-old Melissa Golden has practically everything a girl her age could want. She is beautiful, confident, and a star player on her basketball team. Life is good. But when she finds out that her parents are getting a divorce, Melissa’s world is shattered. With her parents busily distracted with their own mess and not paying attention to their daughter, Melissa begins to mess up her life as well.The only thing guiding Melissa is the foundational Christian values her mother has instilled in her from an early age. She knows the difference between right and wrong. Which road will she choose when faced with a difficult decision concerning an issue that goes against everything she’s been taught.

Author: Kimmoly Rice Ogletree

Melody Ravert - Christian Non-Fiction

Autism - many individuals have heard the term and maybe even "know" someone with someone with the disability, but how many really understand how it affects lives on a personal basis? The book, Silent Angel: The Joys and Challenges of Raising an Autistic Child and Keeping Your Marriage Alive in the Process, answers that question and others as it is a true account of the authors raising a daughter with special needs. The book includes testimonies of people from various walks of life about this child and how they see her as she relates to them on a daily basis. The book also includes practical suggestions on how someone can interact with an individual or a family with special needs and make a positive impact in the world.

Author: Melody Ravert

Roxanne Johnson Pugh - Christian Non-Fiction

Does your life resemble a playground in your abusive relationships and you see no way out? Are you or have you been a victim of abuse through what should be the most sacred place of safety called the "church"? Are you an emotional or mental wreck due to physical or sexual abuse you endured? Have you lost your identity, self-worth, self-esteem and value as a person because of words spoken to you or over you? If you have answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then this book is for you. This powerful book releases the power of "deliverance and healing" to those caught up in the silent killer of abuse.

Author: Roxanne Johnson - Pugh